Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki is a multimedia visual artist, currently lives and works in London.
Born in Moscow, Russia, she received her MFA from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2010.
She produces video and installation, exploring the tension between authenticity and spectacle,
form and feeling, cliché and collective empathy, using moving image, spoken words and music.
Borrowing from the vocabularies of film, television, literature and pop music, Bazhenova-Yamasaki’s
work circles questions of representation and manipulation – in particular with constructs of the self
within private and public space; of emotions, of language, of human relations and human interaction
with an object. Bazhenova-Yamasaki is interested how language can conceal and reveal meaning in
the act of constructing new meaning; she approaches the question of meaning by investigating its
absence, or the impossibility of meaning revealing itself through language. Ekaterina asserts its
presence by questioning how meaning is produced, by both artist and viewer.
2017 –" No God No Master Feminity" live performance, Calvert 22 Foundation, London
2016 – "Think about a banana or ice cream" live performance, Centr Red Gallery, Moscow
2016 – The now is like the now, Centr Red Gallery, Moscow
2015 – #SOFTTOUCH live performance, Parking Slot - 108, Kreuzberg, Berlin
2014 – “H. What's your biggest addiction? – E211”, I.P.H , London
2017 - Go East, Calvert 22 Foundation, London
2015 - Chelsea Salon, Penarth Centre, London
2014 - Vyner Street Gallery, London & Twenty Twenty Two Gallery, Manchester
2012 - XAMPLES 2007-2012, triangle Gallery, London
2010 - Your Higher Plane Awaits, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
2010 - Maybe I’ll carry one until comes to an end, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
2009 - Salon, Auto Italia, London
2009 - Corpus - HRL Contemporary, The Old Chapel, London
2009 - Monumental Masons, 17 Osborn Street, London
2009 - Invisible Means of Support, Rochelle School & Club Row, Arnold Circus, London
2009 - Sold Out, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
2009 - You are the one I was waiting for, Spring Studios, London
2010 - Master of Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

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