This process involves no direct message or narrative, doesn’t try to trick or steer its viewers in any way, but it activates the eye’s natural desire to go places, without trying to control where that might be. In a context where art-as-idea often supersedes art-as-experience, there is another option that looks beyond the stalemate it presents. In viewing this installation, one must see, first of all, a specific quality of vision itself: that it doesn’t grasp meaning by assembling discrete bits of information about a seen object: rather, it “enters into” the “visibleness” of the object, scanning it, questioning it, understanding the tentative results of its own processes in order to arrive at meaningful configurations. Taken down to its most basic elements, film = light + motion + time. Sure, a film can also try to represent the world or try to tell a story about it, but at the end of the day, it’s still just light + motion + time. Silence can be something quite loud. Our capacity to hear is a physical response to oscillating frequencies and fluctuating pulses – we sense our bodies as much as with our ears. Techno music is not just about knowing how to keep a beat, but when to take it away – the whole is untrue. The soundtrack for the video – rhythm is texture writ large: peaks and valleys turned to pulse. Music is the seam between hearing and not hearing: for everything revealed there is something else occluded. Often the very process of revealing cloaks that other thing. It is like a blueprint with all the text written in another alphabet, or a text printed on a substance so intractable that it slips from your fingers the moment you hold it up for inspection. And if music is this seam – or this seeming – then the click is its perfect reduction: the blip that appears and obliterates. It is, and is not, allied with minimalism. Try and think about an object. Wait, on second thought, don't bother…it’s too complicated. The difficulty is in finding a way to distinguish between that which belongs to our relation to the world and that, which belongs to the world alone. It’s practically impossible.
colour video work 00:02:32 

Screened at Calvert 22 Foundation, London. August 2017