The now
Is like the now.

The fragility of fantasy, which can only exist as a result of the reality, within which it is anchored. It attempts to address the horror of a reality that is repeated ad nauseum. This interrelationship between reality and repetition creates the necessity for a ‘portal’ to a utopian dreamscape. Everyday objects are both starting point for taking photographs, as well as the use haiku and video to create immersive installations. My practice is leading by interrogation of this duality and a reflection of my own metaphysical relationship with objects, as well as how what an object ‘is’ is defined. These photographs search for the limits and the roots of things as they are. A photograph involves more than the sum of its parts, I carry an image to its edge – the place where the eye is compelled to take over – and push it to transcend its own silence, spill over, and go elsewhere. A single image is not eloquent enough because it’s conceived to only make sense within turmoil of ideas and repetition of images. Quality is merely the distribution aspect of quantity. 

Exhibited at Centr Red Gallery, Moscow. October 2016