Part ONE

Part TWO

Mixing moving image and sound and working with leather design pieces by Fleet Ilya, Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki creates psychologically charged scenarios dealing with human desires. She raises subsequent dialogues with the self and reinterpretations of the female body by developing a distinctive style of filmmaking, using human interaction with an object to empathize and dramatize the most basic natural instincts, from submission to lust. Using leather restraints, harnesses and headwear by Fleet Ilya, Bazhenova-Yamasaki creates transgressive narratives, rich in symbolic meaning; and emotionally profound video work where she increasingly blurs the cinematic and the performative.
Just as Ekaterina produces art symbiotically to create her own singular and beguiling world, the ideas and images she conjures also propose a synesthetic interrelationship between the realms of the visible, the audible and the imaginary.

Part ONE colour video 00:03:55
Part TWO colour video 00:01:46
September 2014